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How to transfer airtime with MTN.

How to transfer airtime with MTN.
How to transfer airtime with MTN. 

Do you want to know how to transfer airtime with MTN? Sharing your MTN airtime credit with any MTN phone number of your choosing is simple. With only one easy-to-understand code, mobile users may quickly and effortlessly distribute their credit in a matter of seconds. To ensure hassle-free use of this service, read our comprehensive guide.

What you pay your service providers for airtime credit is the amount of money you may use for things like internet and phone browsing. The ability to transfer airtime credits to other customers is a function that almost all telephone network service providers in Nigeria provide. You can transfer airtime with MTN to another MTN phone number for whatever you like. You can do it in exchange for cash, or you can do it just to share what you have with others.

How to transfer airtime with MTN?

MTN Share and this service are the same. Therefore, in case any of this service provider's clients are unclear, the MTN Share service and the airtime transfer service operate in exactly the same ways. Customers of MTN may use this service. You must, however, be aware of the guidelines for using this service. Before using this service, postpaid customers should also be aware of the terms and limitations. The main rules include:

  • Transferable amounts may only be those expressed in Naira. Since Kobo transactions are not supported, 50.00 Naira rather than 50.29 Naira should appear on your credit report.
  • Sending between 50 and 5,000 Naira is feasible per transaction.
  • There is a N100,000 daily transfer amount limit. Please take note that you may transfer this money to one or more MTN phone lines per day.
  • Airtime transfers are allowed as often as you'd like each day. Just keep in mind that the total amount you send each day cannot be more than N100,000.
  • Only when their postpaid account balance is positive—that is, when it is not negative—can postpaid customers on the network transfer airtime. For example, if you have -N500.00 and are a postpaid subscriber, you cannot transfer credit.
  • You are not allowed to transfer more airtime credit than the credit balance on your phone line if you are a prepaid subscriber of the mobile service provider. This implies that in order to transfer an amount of airtime to another client, you must have sufficient credit on your phone.
  • To guarantee that only the phone number owner may transfer credit, the service uses personally chosen PIN numbers. This also aids in preventing the transfer of airtime credits to other parties without the sender's permission via the phone line.
  • MTN Share has a personal identification number (PIN) option for security. Every MTN customer has the same 0000 PIN by default. 
  • This default PIN code cannot be used to share money. Before transferring the credit, users must update their MTN transfer code in order to take use of the service's perks.

You may use your own airtime credit to reload anyone's MTN account at any time. However, you must first modify the default PIN in order to get a personal identification number.

How to change the MTN airtime transfer code?

  • Contemplate your new PIN number. Unlike 1234 or 5678, your new four-digit number should be complex.
  • Assume for the moment that you have chosen 5894 as your PIN (remember, this is your concept, so come up with your own code). Send a text message using the following format: Enter your new personal identification number after the default PIN. Send the updated number to 777 after typing it twice. The message can seem like this, for instance: 0000 5894 5894.
  • You would get a text message indicating that the PIN alteration was accomplished almost instantly.
  • To change the personal identification number, there is an additional option. Press "OK" to finish. Dial *777*0000*5894*5894# (where 5894 is your new PIN and four zeros is the old code).

You can use different methods if you want to learn how to transfer airtime with MTN. And all the methods are listed below.

How to transfer airtime with MTN?

When transferring credit across MTN phone lines, there are many techniques to use.

Method 1: Transfer by SMS

  • Send a text message using the short message service to your service provider through 777.
  • Send the word ‘Transfer’ followed by the phone number of the person who will receive your credit, followed by the credit amount you wish to send, and your PIN code to 777.
  • Let’s say you want to send 1,000 Naira to MTN phone 08035555555, and your PIN is 5894. Type in this message on your device: Transfer 08035555555 1000 5894. Now, just send it to number 777.
  • Once the text message is sent, you will receive a network provider's confirmation request. The word ‘YES’ must be sent to the same number 777 to complete this operation.

Method 2: Transfer by USSD

This method is really simple. All you have to do is dial *777* followed by the recipient's phone number, the amount you want to send, your PIN and the # symbol.

Once again, if you are planning to transfer 1,000 Naira to the MTN phone line with the number 08035555555 and your PIN is 5894, you need to dial *777*08035555555*1000*5894#. Click the send or OK icon on your device after dialing the code.

This is a great deal; anyone will love these simple MTN airtime transfer features. Also, note that 'BetaTalk' and 'Yanfun Yafun' users are not eligible to share airtime, and bonus airtime cannot be transferred.

How to reset MTN transfer PIN?

You may not be able to modify your device's PIN on your own if you lose your MTN transfer PIN. But it's very simple; all you have to do is call MTN customer care at 180, and a representative will talk with you and walk you through the process of getting your forgotten PIN code back.

If you would want to change your PIN, you may still recall your existing PIN, but the procedure is different. You may use the USSD code or SMS to complete this.

Use your smartphone to input and submit your existing PIN code, your new PIN code twice, and the numbers # to 777 in order to use the SMS method.

For instance, if you want to alter your personal identification number from 1000 to 5894, the SMS you send to 777 should look precisely like this: 1000 5894 5894#.

You must dial *777* your existing PIN* your new PIN* your new PIN#, then submit the code in order to utilise the USSD technique. To update your personal identification number from 1000 to 5894, all you need to do is enter the following USSD code: *777*1000*5894*5894#.

If you have been searching for how to transfer airtime with MTN to another MTN number, this guide contains all the information you need to know. Just use the popular MTN Share option to send your credit to people you love as quickly as possible.

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