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About HR Forum Media: World News, Politics, Business & More.

HR Forum Media is a web media organisation, designed to provide information on career growth, business and general news around the world. We bring you the latest in world politicssportsbusinessentertainment and health.

HR Forum Media, established on the 5th of October, 2020 was created with the idea of redefining content curation and syndication in Ghana. The subject of not just looking for news information and republishing but carefully sifting out news stories or information based on relevance, interest and authenticity before being published. This is to avoid the incidence of fake news.   

HR Forum Media is maintained by a team of editors and journalists who guarantee fair news coverage by concentrating on original content production, but also publishing user-generated material and curating stories from a broad variety of Ghanaian print and online media partners. 

There are four types of content published on HR Forum Media daily: curated content, syndicated content, user-generated content and original content.

Google Transparency Report, regards HR Forum Media and its news content safe for all users. This means that, the Web news site does not publish or promote content which is harmful to its users or involve in activities that pose a threat or danger to its users.

HR Forum Media, registered under the Registration of Business Names Act, 1962 (No.151) of the republic of Ghana.