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Breakfast Ideas in Nigeria (Our top picks).

This article is for you, if you've ever found yourself pondering what to prepare for breakfast while looking blankly into your kitchen. It's time to check out some fascinating breakfast ideas right here in Nigeria and bid adieu to the monotony of tea and bread.

In Nigerian families, deciding what to eat every day might be a bit difficult. particularly for meals during morning. You may simply attempt the healthy breakfast ideas in Nigeria that this article will walk you through.

We recognised that you could find it difficult to plan your next meal, so we created this resource in response to the many complaints we heard about how difficult it is to pick a good, balanced diet for breakfast, lunch, and supper in Nigeria.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. As the name suggests, breakfast is a meal that breaks the fast that night. Your body needs essential nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, which are included in breakfast. It produces fat-burning and weight-loss-promoting enzymes. It raises your dietary intake of nutrients and is good for your heart.

Though many Nigerians struggle to decide what to eat for breakfast, we've put together a list of the best healthy breakfast ideas in Nigeria that anybody can enjoy. Breakfast is perhaps the most essential meal of the day.

We're here to elevate your morning meal from ordinary to amazing, whether it's the savoury joy of moi moi, the soothing goodness of akara, or the filling satisfaction of yam and eggs. See these mouthwatering Nigerian breakfast ideas to pique your interest and give you a boost of energy throughout the day.

Simple & Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas in Nigeria

Here are a few awesome breakfast ideas in Nigeria to try out:

1. Yam and Egg

Breakfast Ideas in Nigeria (Our top picks).Yam and Egg.

This is a common dish on Nigerian tables, making it one of the most intriguing breakfast ideas in the Nigeria. A delicious egg sauce served over either boiled or fried yam is a guaranteed winner!

You might feel full and satiated after eating this dinner for the whole day. You also receive the required amount of protein and carbohydrates. Meals like yam with egg sauce are simple to make. Make sure the egg sauce is sautéed with tomatoes, onions, crayfish, and vegetables if you want to really appreciate this dinner.

This yam and egg combination is really rather flexible and works well any time of day.

2. Tea/Beverage and Bread Sandwich

Breakfast Ideas in Nigeria (Our top picks).Tea/Beverage and Bread Sandwich.

Still one of the greatest breakfast ideas in Nigeria, however, is one of the most popular meals served for breakfast there.

The ubiquitous bread and "tea." This is the standard morning meal in most houses. It is fast and simple to put together, and it is adored by both adults and kids. Boiled eggs, omelettes, sausage, bacon, tinned sardines, corned beef, mackerel in tomato sauce (geisha), etc. may be served with bread and "tea." Many children refer to any hot beverage as "tea."

There is no need for introductions. Everyone enjoys Nigerian tea and bread, including adults, children, and the elderly. The bread may be eaten with spread or toasted, and the tea can be either a tea (teabag) or a chocolate beverage blended with milk.

3. Plantain Porridge

Breakfast Ideas in Nigeria (Our top picks).Plantain Porridge.

One of the finest breakfast ideas in Nigeria is plaintain porridge, a nutritious dish low in fat and high in vitamins C, A, and B-6.

This dish is rich in calcium and devoid of gluten. When you have it for breakfast, you will undoubtedly be energised all day.

The greatest way to enjoy plaintain porridge is with veggies and dried fish. It's excellent for expectant mothers as well.

4. Pasta

Breakfast Ideas in Nigeria (Our top picks).Pasta.

Another excellent breakfast idea in Nigeria is pasta. Despite its high carbohydrate content, you may counterbalance it with meat, eggs, or any other form of protein.

Carrots, bacon, and other vegetables may also be added to your spaghetti breakfast to add some flavour. You should include pasta in your morning meal plan since it's a delicious dish to have for breakfast.

5. Akara and Pap

Breakfast Ideas in Nigeria (Our top picks).Akara and Pap.

In Nigeria, this is a typical breakfast concept. Most households get their pap and akara from street sellers who cook it right in front of you, so you always get it fresh and steaming.

Some individuals like preparing their akarais at home. While pap is a paste formed from grains, mostly maize but also millet, etc., akarana is a bean fritter created from bean paste.

Boiling water is used to make it into a paste to go with the akara.

Pap and Akara are very nourishing. While the latter is rich in folic acid and is supposedly quite beneficial for expecting moms, the former is high in protein.

Do you think this is a nice collection of Nigerian breakfast ideas? Please let us know in the comments section below what you think of these meals and if you think there should be more breakfast ideas added to the list.

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