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Things to avoid having in your CV.

Things to avoid having in your CV.
Things to avoid having in your CV.

Shunning these Curriculum Vitae errors could be the difference between being called for an interview or losing out on a wonderful opportunity to get employed. When applying for a job that you are trained for, make sure you increase your chances by putting in a well-written Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to aid the recruitment chief make that decision of adding your curriculum vitae in the final shortlist. Consider your job application as a ‘popularity contest.’ The recruitment chief does not know you individually and the only opportunity you have at being recruited is by standing out as a leading candidate among many others who are in search of the same job you applied for. HR Forum Media, have enumerated some top Curriculum Vitae errors you should shun this year and others to come. Let’s have a look at 5 of them.

1. Personal Information

Mrs. Irene Banford, HR Manager of Haknary Group of Companies, explained that many job hunters still project their personal details as the first information on their Curriculum Vitae. Personal information like sex, religion, state of origin, date of birth (in most cases) are not of great significance to grant you an interview opportunity. Rather, pay attention to vital information like your skills, work experience, education or other trainings, which would assist you prove, you can occupy the role they are recruiting for.

2. Task-Oriented Language

When we talk about task-oriented language we are talking about the concentration of job hunters on assigned duties in their Curriculum Vitaes as a way of measuring their performance in previous or current companies they work or have worked for. This language does not project your inventiveness, successes and origination on the job. Recruitment chiefs and employers are interested in jobs you have familiarity working on but they are a lot into your achievements or successes. Thus, your use of achievement-oriented language would do a greater job of selling your skills and your ability to own the advertised job opening better.

3. First Person Language

Scribbling your Curriculum Vitae in a first-person account aids you communicate your story from the personal standpoint of ‘I’ or ‘We.’ Some simple examples are: “I accomplished a 40% revenue upsurge by exceeding my sales objective for 2019.” You can also have, “We effectively remodeled and launched the mobile form of the organisation’s website.” The first person account as a storytelling practice for your Curriculum Vitae is helpful in many ways. It makes your Curriculum Vitae plausible, presents a clear angle and it is easier to read and comprehend. One vital rule is to eschew writing in the second or third-person narrative.

4. Hobbies and Interests

If your hobbies do not match with the job, just do not include them in your Curriculum Vitae. It is as simple as that. Other sets of hobbies and interests that you should take off your Curriculum Vitae, if they are already existing are those that are generally categorised as being entrepreneurial. The last thing you want is for the recruitment chief to assume that if you finally get the job, your hobbies and interests are likely to hamper your performance.

5. Referees

If your referees have not been explicitly requested yet, do not add them on your Curriculum Vitae. Mrs. Irene Banford advice that one should always notify their referees about including them on their Curriculum Vitae. This goes a long way in getting them notified on the kinds of jobs you are applying for. In circumstances where they are contacted, they are not caught by surprise. Not everybody likes getting caught by surprise.

It is and continues to be said, time and time again that your Curriculum Vitae remains one of the most important tools in searching for the job you want especially, Nigeria Jobs or vacant jobs in Nigeria. You have to keep it as well written as you feasibly can. Scan through your Curriculum Vitae many times. Make sure it contains the right keywords and keep out the jargons. Your Curriculum Vitae is your unique identity and should not be rushed. 

Your comments and views are welcome in the comment section below. And for further consultation or questions, please email to hrforumonline@gmail.com. 

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