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Jobs for Nigeria: Email Protocols in submitting one's CV.

Jobs for Nigeria: Email Protocols in submitting one's CV.
Jobs for Nigeria: Email Protocols in submitting one's CV.

You do not always need to have contacts to get employed anywhere. You must have what most serious and business minded companies are searching for. Progressively, most businesses are searching for person who have capacity and a great outlook. Yet it is not sufficient to have capability and great outlook. It is also necessary that, you are aware how to exhibit them. In many situations, the journey starts from one basic email. It is important that you know the protocols so that your curriculum vitae gets an opportunity to be appraised. From Jobs for Nigeria's practice, dealing with numerous hiring tasks, I present to you the best 5 email protocols, you should be aware of. They are as follows:

Jobs for Nigeria: Email Protocols in submitting one's CV

1.Ensure your Curriculum Vitae is indeed attached to the email.

A lot of applicants today, are so much in a rush that, they forget to add the very document (s) they are referring to. This mirrors poorly on your persona and your outlook. Unfortunately, this might end up portraying you as a lazy person and unserious individual though you might not have intentionally forget to add the attachments to the email. It is therefore important that, applicants take their time when applying for a job. Make sure that, you make available all the documents required for the application and painstakingly observe as you attach the documents to the mail, one after the other. No need to rush!

2. Define the email with a suitable title

It disturbs me all the time and at times angers me that a university graduate posting a job application email would just basically add their curriculum vitae to the email and press send without a title, message and absolutely nothing. Kindly, give the email a title at least. It is proper if the title of the email includes the job name or the role being applied for. This makes it simpler for hiring managers to look for and identify your email.

3. Be polite to greet. A ‘hello’, at least

I have received many a job application emails where applicants simply say in the body of their mail, ‘For your attention’, and that’s it. What an astonishing attitude! To be realistic, everybody likes to be greeted, especially those who have some assistance to give you. Being polite and show some manners won’t hurt you at all. Always remember to greet whomever you are addressing your mail to. It is a great sign that, you are humble and respectful.

4. A brief message to explain what job or role the Curriculum Vitae represents

The reason for this is that some hiring managers deal with several applications at the same time. Even if the subject reads perfectly as recommended in point 3 above, it’s still a good idea to add a brief descriptive note. This is to help draw the attention of the hiring manager towards your application without flinching. Because of the pressure characterized with the handling of applications on the part of recruitment managers, it is important to position your application such that is easily noticed and picked. And a brief message about the job you applying for will do.

5. Close the email properly

Sign off in an official manner, same as you would, for all your official emails. Show some class, prove that the company hiring you will not have to baby-sit you on something as basic as sending a simple email. A simple, “Thank you for your audience and hope to hear from you soon’’ will do. 

To end, Jobs for Nigeria have helped in many hiring teams where there was just one assessment that an applicant’s curriculum vitae is worth being downloaded, which is, how he or she comes through in the email. Come through as best as you can. It is very necessary! Your comments and views are welcome in the comment section below. And for further consultation or questions, please email to hrforumonline@gmail.com.

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