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University of Lagos (UNILAG) student portal.

University of Lagos (UNILAG) student portal.
University of Lagos (UNILAG) student portal.

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) student portal: studentportal.unilag.edu.ng, was developed for current and future students of the university.

The portal's sole function is to assist users in setting up accounts or logging in so they can complete specific academic tasks, such as course registration, payment of fees, checking results, viewing admission lists and statuses, paying acceptance fees, viewing transcripts, adding extra credit hours, deferring admission, and many others.

University of Lagos (UNILAG) Student Portal

The official website for the University of Lagos is https://www.unilag.edu.ng; please take note that the links below may be visited by computer or mobile device.

About University of Lagos (UNILAG)

UNILAG was established two years after Nigeria's independence from Britain, in 1962. It was one of the original five universities established in the nation, now referred to as "first generation institutions." Eni Njoku was selected as the university's first black vice-chancellor in 1962 and served in that capacity until 1965, when he was succeeded by Saburi Biobaku. Nevertheless, owing to the controversy surrounding his appointment, Kayode Adams, a radical student, stabbed Saburi because he thought Biobaku's selection was unjust and racially motivated.

On May 29, 2012, Goodluck Jonathan, who was Nigeria's president at the time, suggested renaming Lagos' University of Lagos as Moshood Abiola University in memory of the political prisoner Moshood Abiola, who passed away in custody in 1998. Alumni and students began to object to the planned name change. As a result of the Nigerian federal government caving in to the uproar that the intended name change had sparked, the idea was abandoned.

The vice chancellor in place at the moment is Folasade Ogunsola, who was chosen on October 7 and took over on November 12.

In terms of admissions, the institution has continued to rank among the best in the nation. One of the highest student populations of any institution in the nation, the University of Lagos has over 57,000 students as of 2013. One of the twenty-five federal institutions under the National Universities Commission's supervision and accreditation is the University of Lagos (NUC).

According to a recent Forbes magazine article, University of Lagos is the "startup powerhouse" institution for Nigerian students, ranking third best in Africa behind University of Cape Town and Makerere University.

The university's research activity was one of the main criteria used by the National Universities Commission (NUC) in judging the university as the best university in Nigeria at the Nigerian University System Annual Merit Award (NUSAMA) in 2008. The university has been referred to as "the university of first choice and the nation's pride."

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