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Send Money with Wema Bank Transfer Codes.

Send Money with Wema Bank Transfer Codes.
Send Money with Wema Bank Transfer Codes.

What is the Wema Bank Transfer Code(s)?

There was a period when you had to physically be present at the bank for every transaction, and the queues never seemed to stop. All of those events are now history, thankfully, thanks to the invention of bank codes. You may send and receive money from the comfort of your bedroom while wearing pyjamas.

Any client of Wema Bank may utilise the Wema Bank USSD or Transfer codes; and in this piece, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of the Wema bank transfer code(s) along with an explanation of its significance and potential uses.  The Wema Bank USSD Code and the Wema Bank Transfer Code(s) are same, it is important to note.

What is the short code, *945#?

The official Wema Bank USSD code for USSD banking—online banking—is *945#. You may easily do every day financial transactions from the convenience of your mobile device with this USSD banking service. It is dependable, simple, and quick.

Things to Know About Wema Bank Transfer Code(s)

  • This service is open to MTN, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel subscribers.
  • The USSD or transfer code is only open to Wema bank account holders. 
  • To use this service, you must have an active phone number registered in your bank account.
  • This service is available 24 hours every day. Meaning, even at really odd hours, you can still use this service.

Why are USSD codes important?

Quick codes, sometimes referred to as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes, are back channels for your smartphone's hidden capabilities.

By using the phone's dialer, they allow direct access to the service provider. Verifying the amount on your phone account is an excellent illustration.

Additionally, USSD serves the same purpose in terms of banking; however, it does so by enabling direct communication between you, the bank client, and your bank account without the need for you to visit the bank.

How to Activate Wema Bank Transfer Code(s)

You may easily use a PIN or preset password to conduct transactions on your phone by activating the Wema Bank transfer code(s). For the purpose of authenticating money transfers and other transactions, such as bill payment and ET Cetera, this password or PIN is required.

To activate your code, you need to register and generate a pin. Kindly follow the steps below; 

  • Dial *945*5# and 
  • Follow the onscreen instructions. 
  • Provide the information required such as account number, date of birth, new pin, and confirm new pin.

After the pin has been created, you can begin USSD banking transactions.

Enjoy the unrestricted transactions that come with having your WEMA Bank transfer code(s) authorised while lounging in the comfort of your own home.

NOTE – This option is only valid for existing Wema Bank account holders.

Wema Bank USSD codes and their services 

Here is a few Wema bank USSD code you will find very useful often:

  • Transfer Money: *945*beneficiaryaccountnumber*amount#
  • Buy Airtime: *945*phone Number*amount#
  • Balance Enquiry: *945*0#
  • Change PIN: *945*00#
  • Get your Account Number: *945*000#
  • Open Account: *945*1#
  • Change Account Number: *945*2*oldaccountnumber*newaccountnumber#
  • Account Reactivation: *945*5#
  • Send Money to phone: *945*6*amount#
  • Quick loan: *945*65#

Wema Bank USSD code for Loan

The WEMA bank USSD code for a loan is *945*65#.

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