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UBA Bank USSD Code: Transfer, Balance, Airtime & Activation.

UBA Bank USSD Code: Transfer, Balance, Airtime & Activation.
UBA Bank USSD Code: Transfer, Balance, Airtime & Activation.

Do you need the UBA Bank USSD code? Naturally, knowing at least some of the key USSD codes for UBA is required, particularly if you bank with United Bank for Africa (UBA).

About UBA Bank USSD Code

The UBA Bank USSD code is a special short code that the bank created to help its clients have a smooth banking experience.

Because you may do a variety of tasks on your phone without going to a real UBA branch, this USSD code has simplified banking. Put differently, it's referred to as UBA mobile banking.

UBA is not an exception to the rule that Nigerian banks, like all of them, employ USSD codes to attract and retain clients. The USSD code is the most convenient method to bank if you live in a remote place where it is difficult for you to get to a real bank branch since no one lives nearby.

The United Bank for Africa USSD code may be used for almost every kind of financial transaction, which is really amazing. This brings us to the UBA mobile banking services.

Features of UBA Bank USSD Code

The following are what the UBA USSD code can help you with:

  • Airtime and data purchase
  • Checking account balance
  • Money transfer to other UBA accounts and other banks
  • Bill payments
  • ATM cardless withdrawals
  • Blocking ATM cards
  • Freeze online transactions
  • Betting account funding, and lots more (keep reading to discover them and their codes).

UBA USSD Code Requirements

The following conditions must be satisfied before using and understanding the USSD code:

  • You must be or are about to be a UBA customer
  • You must have an identity card
  • A mobile device on which the code will be entered is required.

Once all those requirements are met, you can now use the USSD code for UBA.

UBA Bank USSD Code

The UBA USSD code is *919#

You may use this code to do a number of things directly from your phone, including as transfers, withdrawals, buying airtime and data, starting an account, checking the amount, disabling an ATM card, and more.

After entering the code, a menu with every option on the list will appear on your screen. You may then choose any feature by following the on-screen instructions.

Nevertheless, there are direct short codes that may be used for such transactions, so you don't need to call the number and complete the lengthy process to activate or utilise any of those capabilities.

Below is a table that contains all the UBA short codes for all transactions:

UBA Bank USSD Code: Transfer, Balance, Airtime & Activation.
UBA Short codes for all transactions.

Although all of the UBA USSD codes are shown above, in order to fully use the UBA mobile banking services, you must first register and activate the general UBA USSD code *919#.

By simply dialing *919# and following the steps that appear on your screen to receive the pin to unlock your mobile banking capabilities, you may register and activate the UBA Bank USSD code without the need for an ATM card.

This is a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to activate UBA's USSD code:

  • Open the dialer app on your phone. Using the line/sim/phone number you opened your UBA Bank account with, dial *919#
  • Accept the UBA mobile banking terms (charges) by selecting “Accept“
  • Select option 1 to sign up for the UBA USSD code.
  • Choose between registering with a NUBAN account number or UBA prepaid.
  • If you’re a UBA prepaid customer, select the “Prepaid with PIN” option.
  • If you’re a regular customer, select the “Account with PIN” option. 
  • Enter your UBA account number or prepaid number.
  • Create your UBA mobile banking PIN (4 digits pin which will be used to authorize transactions)
  • Enter and confirm the pin again to complete your USSD registration.

Once you’ve registered and activated the UBA USSD code, you can now perform any transactions using the general code or short code.

UBA USSD Transfer Code

To send money from one UBA account to another, use the following USSD code: *919*3*account number*Amount#. Using the UBA USSD code, you may transfer money from UBA to other banks by just dialling *919*4*account number*amount#, choosing the bank, and entering your PIN to confirm the transaction.

For example, dial *919*3*3104567890*1000# to transfer N1000 to the UBA account number, 3104567890.

Simply dial *919*4*0987654321*1000#, choose First Bank, then input your PIN to transfer N1000 to 0987654321 (other banks <First Bank>).

How to Deactivate UBA USSD Code

To prevent money theft by the person who finds or steals your phone, you would want to describe your USSD code if you lose the phone that contains the SIM card and number connected to your UBA Bank account and USSD code.

For whatever reason, you may not always want to use the UBA USSD code. Here's how to deactivate your UBA USSD code, either way.

To deactivate and disconnect your mobile number from your UBA USSD mobile banking, get another phone and call *919*911#.

As long as you have your phone number and magic banking PIN readily available, you may use any other phone to call this code.

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