Noble reasons for leaving work early

Though there are equally good and not so great reasons to leave work before the closing time, recall that your boss’s reply will likely be based more on your standing as a worker than on the reason you give.

Although it is hinged on the company’s philosophy, as long as you are in good standing and your boss is a rational, compassionate person, he or she will appreciate the situation and grant a request to leave early now and then. Below are some popularly accepted reasons to leave work before the closing time:

Noble reasons for leaving work early.

1.Urgent or important home or finance issues:

This can be a meeting with a mortgage counselor, being available at the closing for the acquisition of a new home, emergency difficulties at your home such as a burst pipe, broken furnace, fire or break-in, or the supply of furniture, appliances, or some other item that requires a signature and that must take place during working hours.

2.Professional development agenda

Attending a workshop or leaving early for school or to work on a group project for a course that your supervisor has encouraged you to take.

3.Business network activities, 

This can be in the form of taking part in the local chamber of commerce meetings, or appearing at industry events or gatherings (especially, if linking with prospective business associates is appreciated by your boss).

4.Productivity-related requests: 

Taking your work to a nearby coffee shop or library to concentrate, or leaving on time (when work is done) after remaining in the office very late the night before.

5.Employment-related activities

A typical example can be attending a job interview if you have been alerted of a future layoff at your present employer.

6.Family obligations: 

This could be sudden illness, accident or death, or if you have to pick up your ward if the school has closed early or if your kid is sick. At some workspaces, you may leave work early to take your kid to the hospital.

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