Unforgivable mistakes that will get you sacked from work

It is difficult enough to land a job, let alone your dream job. Unfortunately, it can be so easy to lose that job. Here are 6 unforgivable errors that will surely get you sacked from work. Secure your dream job and retain it.

6 unforgivable errors that will get you sacked from work.

1. Flouting Zero Tolerance Rules

Regardless the details, every organisation mostly have a couple of rules that should not be flouted and if you flout them, you are gone. Surely, no second chances. Whether it is courting junior staff, courting colleague workers, unpunctuality, or something else entirely, you should get to know this within your first week and be very wary never to flout them. Do not ever assume the stanch rules will grant you immunity.

2. Drug/Substance Abuse

If you are working for an organisation that drug tests, you should take this very seriously. It is not sufficient to come along with clean urine for the screening process. They will test you again. Discontinue consuming whatsoever it is you are consuming and concentrate on your job. You will get caught anyways and given the sack.

3. Too Much Booze

If you cannot drink responsibly, do not drink. Being careless with liquor at workplace once is bad enough. Doing this consistently is surely reason for getting the sack, and good luck to you to get a reference. Don’t ever arrive at work drunk.

4. Dating/Going out with Co-Workers

First step is, view point 1, to check the zero tolerance rules for any comment of inter-office courtship. Second is to attempt and talk yourself out of it. Third is never to actively chase a relationship with somebody you work with. There are so many ways your advances could be implied as harassment and can get you sacked. There are many fishes in the oceans. Go look for one that does not work at your company.

5. Too Many Jokes

Jokes are nice ice breakers. They are amusing. They notch you points at get-togethers. But they do not fit at work. Most of the decent ones have an off-color or spicy element which has no place on the job. So many others can have intolerant overtones and could extremely offend persons you respect (and get you fired). And do not make remarks you think are comical that might be misunderstood as sexual harassment either; even if the individual you said it to, comprehends the context and is not offended, somebody else might eavesdrop and turn you in.

6. Ignoring Your Manager

Continuously stay in tune with your superior’s idea of your job performance not your own. Consistently check in to assess his or her temperature to make sure they think you are pulling your weight. If you have room to develop, please do.

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