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Handling Job search during Covid-19.

Handling Job search during Covid-19.
Handling Job search during Covid-19.

If you have lost your job as a result of COVID-19 or were in the middle of a job hunt when the coronavirus hit, don’t be frightened and refuse to give up job hunting. Even though it can be difficult, there are methods you can successfully deploy to search for work during a pandemic. Some industries are reducing numbers by laying off, but others are hiring. Hunt certainly for “urgently hiring” or "hiring immediately" and your locality to view immediate job openings. Adopt the same method with hashtags #nowhiring or "hiring" on LinkedIn and other social media sites. This will give you an idea of what jobs are in demand in your locality or setting. Below are some guidelines for job hunting during a pandemic especially during Covid-19.  They are as follows:

1.Check Your Benefits

Before you start searching for another job, be certain that you are taking any job loss benefits to which you are entitled. Check with your human resources department or manager for facts on what is available. Central and federal governments across the globe and some employers are providing additional unemployment compensation for affected employees.

2.Get Ready to Job Search

Modify and update your CV and LinkedIn professional profile. If you haven’t had to job hunt in a while, spend some time to update your CV and LinkedIn professional profile. Be sure to tweak your CV for the job you want each moment you apply. Also, take the time to have a cover letter written each time you apply for a job. It will help your application get seen. Not writing one could affect your chances of getting recruited. According to the Career Builder, 10% of surveyed employers revealed that, not adding a cover letter was an instant deal-breaker.

 3.Job Search Online

Throughout a traditional job search, it can be necessary to job hunt and network in person as well as online. In this present times, you will want to concentrate on searching and applying for jobs online on top job sites, social media, and directly on company websites. Most popular job sites in Ghana are Jobberman, Job Web Ghana, Jobs In Ghana just to mention a few.

 4.Consider Work-from-Home Options

With the general uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, you may find yourself in a position where you surely cannot work outside the home. Possibly you suddenly have young kids at home because their educational centers have been closed till further notice or, perhaps you have some health concerns that would make you more prone to infection should you leave your house. I will recommend that, if you have internet connection, you have the ability to search and get work-from-home jobs that will at least supplement your income (and, depending upon your professional skill set, you may even find a work-from-home job that is just as lucrative as your old job).

This is a difficult time for employers as well as workers. If you can show the employer that you have got what it takes to help the organisation succeed, you’ll increase your chances of getting hired. Think about the problems that companies are facing and explain how you will offer solutions in solving them. The way to get employed is to show prospective employers that you have the skills they need. 

Your comments and views are welcome in the comment section below. And for further consultation or questions, please email to hrforumonline@gmail.com. 


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