Guidelines to excel in your first virtual interview

In the midst of the coronavirus, a couple of businesses are still recruiting to ensure business sustainability. These organisations are resorting to technological methods to hire new team members. To observe the social distancing protocol as one of the principal preventive measures of the pandemic, many persons are utilising virtual methods to hold interviews. As a job hunter, you should be prepared to come to terms with this new norm and make a definitive impression on your employer.  Below are 5 key guidelines to excel in your first virtual interview.

5 key guidelines to excel in your first virtual interview.

1. Organize your Setting

Be aware of your setting. Make sure it is not messy or untidy. Do well to shun loud or noisy places. If practical, arrange a quiet and serene area in your home where you can feel calm and undisturbed for the interview. Make sure there is suitable and adequate lighting in your desired area for the interview and do away with any interruptions in your background. A noiseless and peaceful atmosphere calms you down and frees you from nervousness.

2. Put your tech tools to test

Ensure you have uninterrupted access to the internet and do a quick check to see if your camera and microphone are functioning properly. Do not rule out the wearing of headphones to help filter out any background sounds, and test the clearness. Make sure your device (be it a computer or tablet) is totally charged or plugged in an outlet to avoid battery outage. If you are not used to the use of video calls, rehearse and familiarise yourself with it prior to the day of the interview.

3. Dress to Win (Succeed)

Dress as though you were having a face-to-face interview. Exhibit professionalism from head to toe in your outfit. It enhances your self-confidence and zeal to nail the interview. The way you clothe yourself gives the interviewer an idea of who you are and how much respect you accord the position you are being interviewed for. Therefore, take your time and look your very best. Dressing well is very important to your fortunes in the interview.

4. Examine your Body Language

Your body language is a non-verbal way in interacting with others. Your body language throughout virtual interviews can carry your mood to the interviewer. You should portray yourself as poised and prepared to work. Intend to make a good first impression. Demonstrate passion for the role. Sincere passion encourages employers to select you over other applicants. Remain yourself and give them a reason to select you for the position. Attempt to maintain good eye contact, sit upright and confidently, nod when you are supposed to and finally, smile with all sincerity.

5. Identify Your unique selling proposition (USP)

While it is a video interview, concentrate on winning over the heart and mind of the recruiter. Demonstrate to the recruiter that you are the person they are looking select for. Select the appropriate words when responding to questions. Show your distinctive skills to persuade the interviewer and communicate your success events. This gives the recruiter an idea of what you are capable of doing and differentiates you from other candidates.

Interviews, whether face to face or virtual situations play a vital role in the recruitment process. Get perfect with these guidelines and get your dream job delivered into your hands. Your comments and views are welcome in the comment section below. And for further consultation or questions, please email to