Poor organisational culture: identifying the signs

An organisation with a poor organisational culture rapidly breeds into a poisonous work setting for its workers. An organisation might be financially strong yet bring a harmful work setting that prevents career development and overall health. A work environment that makes employees feel not appreciated for their efforts, places their physical health in danger, poorly remunerates them and hinders professional growth has a bad organisational culture. Below are warning signs to look out for in an organisation with a poor organisational culture.

6 warning signs of a poor organisational culture.


When you realise that many persons in a company are unhappyto either come to work or even execute assigned tasks, then that is a bad sign. An organisation whose workers impatiently wait for the closing time, and seem not willing to do more than is expected of them is most likely accommodating a bunch of dissatisfied staff. An environment of such nature, is poisonous to physical and mental health and should be shunned as much as possible thus having a poor organisational culture.

Lack of flexibility

Enterprises rely heavily on their human resources and as such, must make provisions for challenges such as health difficulties, bereavement, maternity and other factors. An organisation that does not have flexible procedures to cater for such circumstances does not care much for its workforce. That is a bad organisational culture.

A Revolving Gate

A company that is incapable of retaining its workers for a lengthy period is surely failing to do something right. It aids to speak with some of the workers who are leaving the organisation, and if the turnover rate is very high, it won’t be difficult to locate one ex-employee willing to share why they departed the company so early after being recruited. It is important to identify the signals before you get drawn into a poor organisational culture.

Messy space

If the entire workplace is messy, it is an indication of the prevailing organisational culture. It betrays the staff’s lack of worry for the workplace and reluctance to harness a congenial work setting. It also shows that those in control do not care much to preserve an environment that will harness better working conditions for their employees.

Lack of respect

An organisation that places values on its workers and their input to overall output shows it in how it treats the workers. If the working environment is bereft of respect for the dignity, skills and contributions of the workers, it is not a great place to have a career. For many people, a successful career is an essential part of their journey to self-actualisation. So if the working environment or organisational culture does not augment their personal development, it is toxic and should be avoided immediately.

Abnormal Interview Procedure

You surely get a hint of a company’s organisational culture right from the interview procedure. When you have to wait for the interview to begin later than it was planned, this is a wrong sign. At times, interviews seem to lack depth, giving away the panel’s lack of knowledge about the job being promoted. An interview should at least have the head of unit or supervisor to exhibitknowledge and ask vital questions. The absence of this should make you decide to rethink having a career in the company.

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